Complete package to organize and manage your organization's internal learning and informative content.

With Tutoring Finland you accomplish measurable learning results. Students progress and self-improvement is guaranteed by tracking tools, tests and individual activating measures, alongside with solution-oriented learning methods.

Included Microsoft 365 and Office contents

Utilization of Microsoft’s Office and Microsoft 365 products is continually increasing. This is why updating and developing your skills to match the possibilities provided by the latest Office versions is one of the easiest and cost efficient ways to improve your daily productivity.

While you become more fluent at your own tasks, as a template producer you also make other’s work easier. Because your work is not separate from others, it is increasingly important to update your skills to match today’s expectations.


This is why we want to offer our professional and comprehensive Office and Microsoft 365​ courses for everyone in your organization. Its all included in the monthly subscription. We guarantee that everyone, regardless of skill-level or previous experience, will learn new time-saving tips and useful practices with Microsoft products.

Your organization's tailored contents


We will create tailored contents for your personal needs. Topics can cover work safety, IT security, your internal systems and softwares, or anything relevant to your business or industry.


Contents can be already existing, or created by our professionals from pedagogical point of view, according to your instructions.


Platform can be utilized for educational purposes, workplace induction or sharing internal information.


The basic subscription fee to open the Tutoring Portal for your organization is starting at 180 euros / month. This includes the existing and tailored contents for every member in your organization.


If you need separate groups for example to share targeted content for different users, or to get separate data and reporting from different user segments, you can activate new groups for additional fee.


12 month subscription period, and after that the subscription continues in 3 month periods.


Creating, editing and adding new tailored contents to the Portal is charged according to our hourly rate​.

Functions and administration

We offer user management, content management and reporting as a service. Your time won’t be consumed by administrative work, building the platform structures or learning all the new features. We will take care of time-consuming routines.


We will also organize student activation and informing as you wish.

Sign-in process is domain-based, meaning that new users have automatically access to the platform as soon as they have your organization’s email address. You don’t need to worry about the trouble of employee transitions and deleting and adding new students to the platform.

Contents from our partners

We are continually looking for partners who are looking to start creating educational content online, or want to digitalize their existing training business.


Our goal is to provide content relevant to business and organizational users from wide range of topics. All in one place, connecting the professionals and potential customers.


Next our content library is expanding with work safety courses​.

Additional services

Our additional services include content production, personalized Office / Microsoft 365 training live online or in customer’s facilities.


For tracking individual student progress we offer tailored solution to order.