Tutoring Power Hints

The world of Windows and Office is full of all kind of neat tricks, key combinations and shortcuts. Things can often be done in several ways, some ways being faster and handier than others. We present here useful hints that'll make your work faster and less stressful. The videos are of the length of a minute or two.

Spend a minute - save many!

Teams - Change your background

Now you can blur your background in a Teams meeting, but you can also select a background image for you in your meetings. Check here how to do it!

Teams - Respond with a meeting request

Email threads get long quickly, and you may realize that "We need to sort this out in a meeting". You can reply to the thread easily with a meeting request, without separately suggesting a meeting about the topic! (Video in Finnish, English video coming up soon).

Teams - Blur background

You can blur your background in a Teams meeting. While the background is blurred, Teams recognizes people in the video and keeps them focused.

Teams - Meetings

Working at home is now compulsory for many. This video shows how you can set up a Teams meeting, and how you can participate in a meeting that you've been invited to. (Video in Finnish, English video coming up soon).

Teams - Share your chat to Outlook

Sometimes you may want to share your Teams conversation to Outlook. Forget about copy & paste - do this straight in Teams!

Format Painter - Copy your formattings

Did you know you can copy your formatting in Word without copying the text itself? In Excel you can copy the formatting of a cell and paste it into another. Watch here how to do it!

Keyboard shortcuts - Windows File Explorer and Desktop

Do you know the fastest way to open a new File Manager window? Or how to show your desktop immediately? Watch this video and you'll know!

Office - keyboard language

Does it sometimes feel like your keyboard is acting up? You want to write ä or ö, but you'll get something else? This may be because you have accidentally changed your keyboard language settings.

PowerPoint - remove background

Sometimes it's good to enhance your presentation with pictures. If you want to highlight something in the picture, you can use the "Remove Background" feature. Check here how it works!

Fit your windows on the screen

Two windows, one screen. Quite familiar, right? Make full use of your screen, and automatically fit two windows to fill your screen. How? Watch the video and you'll find out!

Quick Screen Capture

Do you know how to quickly grab a screen capture? Just press the Windows key, Shift and S at the same time and you'll get to capture a free selection, a window or the whole screen.

Minimize windows


Sometimes your screen just is full of different windows. If only there was a way to minimize all the windows, except the one you're working on. Oh wait, there is such a way!

Select data in a column

It's easy to select data in a column, just select with the mouse. But what if there's hundreds of rows of data in a column? You can do it with the mouse, but it's a bit tedious. We'll show you two ways to select data in a blink of the eye!

Remove formatting

Sometimes it's just easier to start over and take control. Do you know how to quickly remove all formatting in your Word document? Soon you do!

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