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Tutoring Power Hints

The world of Windows and Office is full of all kind of neat tricks, key combinations and shortcuts. Things can often be done in several ways, some ways being faster and handier than others. We present here useful hints that'll make your work faster and less stressful. The videos are of the length of a minute or two.

Spend a minute - save many!

Quick Screen Capture

Do you know how to quickly grab a screen capture? Just press the Windows key, Shift and S at the same time and you'll get to capture a free selection, a window or the whole screen.

Minimize windows


Sometimes your screen just is full of different windows. If only there was a way to minimize all the windows, except the one you're working on. Oh wait, there is such a way!

Select data in a column

It's easy to select data in a column, just select with the mouse. But what if there's hundreds of rows of data in a column? You can do it with the mouse, but it's a bit tedious. We'll show you two ways to select data in a blink of the eye!

Remove formatting

Sometimes it's just easier to start over and take control. Do you know how to quickly remove all formatting in your Word document? Soon you do!

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