how do i 

use it?

The portal is based on learning paths. A learning path is a “package” with contents covering different topics. You can choose, which learning paths are visible to you on your front page. You can also fill in a survey, that helps you find learning paths suitable for you. You can also make searches in the portal to find contents interesting to you.

here's how it works:

front page

The front page is your home. Here you can find your learning paths and can access their contents. You can also access the setting page at your front page.

Portaalin etusivu

learning paths

A learning path is a “package” that’s filled with learning material. Most of the learning paths are about Office, but you can also purchase a learning path about work safety.

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The settings page lets you define what learning paths are visible to you. Select your skill level and language (Software language / spoken language)

Portaalin asetukset


Challenge yourself and complete the survey. You’ll be asked about your objectives and the software you’re using, and you can answer questions about Office that measure your skills.

search function

Wondering about something? Use the search function to find videos that cover the topics you’re interested in.

get familiar with the portal: