What's the use of it?

The Tutoring Portal is a smart online learning platform for business use. You’ll learn how to use software in an efficient and time saving way. You can choose, what to study, or you can complete a survey and let the portal do the rest. You can focus on the essential and apply your skills immediately in use: Save time and money.

why use the portal?


The portal offers you consistent contents. Through a consistent way of working you’ll achieve high quality learning results, wherever the learners are. Secure your quality by using Office and Microsoft 365 tools in professional way.

save time and effort

Producer: When your material is in the portal, your contents will be consistent and always ready to be updated and improved. You’ll save time when the contents can be replicated.

Learner: You’ll learn concrete, time saving ways of working. You’ll learn to solve problems quickly so you won’t waste valuable work time. If you want to, you’ll be able to easily repeat things and go back to updated material. Use time only for what you think is necessary. The material considers different needs and different starting skills. 

Decision-maker: Make sure in advance what you’re getting. You can get familiar with and test the learning environment before taking it into use.

increase well-being at work

Software are tools, and using tools is fun when you know how to use them. The inoperability of information technology is often a source of frustration and stress. The portal helps you to avoid problems, and you’ll encounter the joy of getting the idea, when your skills grow.


You’ll learn by doing, you don’t need to memorize things. Focus on the essential and apply your skills immediatle in practice.

make your economy grow

Focus on productive work instead of wasting time. You’ll gain more work time and you’ll be working in an efficient, professional and risk-free way. You don’t need to ask for other people’s time anymore, since you can check how things can be done in the portal.