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Tutoring Finland Oy is known as a trainer and consultant for Microsoft Office products since 2004. We have experience with hundreds of clients and tens of thousands of students. We handle a wide range of teaching methods, anything from traditional classrooms to online learning.

Now it’s time to create something different.

The importance of competence and learning is nowadays widely understood in corporate world. Sadly, in today’s hectic world the time for self-improvement is often limited. That’s why we wanted to create a solution for you to learn and improve your skills regardless of schedule, location or topic. Find out how Tutoring Portal’s intelligent features will make your life easier and help you to master the subjects you’re interested in.


Five reasons to choose Tutoring Portal as your commercial or internal education platform

Easy, domain-based sign-in. You only need your e-mail address. No need to keep up with multiple passwords.

Extensive library of Office / Microsoft 365 materials included. On top of that you can upload your own contents of any topic, for commercial or internal use.

With search function you find the right answer in seconds. You don’t have to go through hours of material. The metadata includes every topic and keyword inside each video, so you find the correct point within the video.

Affordable, fixed price. Whether you are a content producer or corporate user, you only pay a fixed monthly fee. Our service is easy to budget, since we won’t add extra fees for new users. Also, we don’t want to burden your business with transaction fees.

Käydään yhdessä läpi, kuinka Portaalimme auttaa yritystänne saavuttamaan osaamistavoitteenne, tai kuinka voimme tukea liiketoimintaasi.
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Business Users



With Tutoring Portal you organize and distribute all your internal learning, educational and informative material. When you activate the Portal, our wide range of professional Office / O365 learning materials will be available for your organization to use freely.


Our library of contents covers tens of hours of video material from various topics. You will find interesting content for beginners, experts and heavy users. We guarantee that everyone working with Office products will find useful tips and practices to make everyday tasks easier.


With our solution it is not necessary anymore to commit to memory. Portal knows the best, most efficient ways to use the programs. Individual learning paths combined with search function and metadata makes learning so much easier.


Alongside with our own material, Tutoring Portal works as a platform for your own personal, tailored contents. New content can be created covering various topics, such as Microsoft products, security, work safety, induction to work, or your organization’s own systems.


All the functions, such as search function, individual learning paths, and survey tool will be added to all tailored content. Tracking tool helps you to oversee each individuals learning progress.


You can get Tutoring Portal for your organization’s internal use starting from only 90 euros / month. Price is fixed and wont change when you add new users to the platform.

Did you know that we are authorized by Business Finland? Ask how you can take advantage of Innovation Voucher worth 5000 euros to implement our platform.

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